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PIlot completes first solo in Cessna 172 at Bodmin Airfield
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What our students, visitors and guests say about Bodmin Airfield

Carl Mayer - G-PHYS

A friendly and helpful place to base an aircraft. I’ve hangared my plane at Bodmin for the past 3 years and really enjoyed the camaraderie. Good clubhouse & reasonably priced good quality food. With competent, approachable, flying instructors and a decent maintenance facility; what’s not to like about this great airfield. Michelle & Wendy (who manage the day today business) always have a ready smile and a willingness to get things done.

Martin Parker

If I have to sum up how I feel about the maintenance service offered by Cornwall Aviation in one word, it’s easy to do …. CONFIDENCE. I use Cornwall Aviation exclusively for the maintenance of my 1976 Cessna 182P and have found their work to be exemplary and this gives me peace of mind, (particularly in the water crossings to France, Holland, Ireland, Scillies or Channel Islands. )

Rod Bellamy prepared me for my first solo flight 15 years ago, he was the Flight Examiner for my General Flight Test and I am very happy that he is now in charge of my aircraft maintenance.

James Le Grys

I enjoyed visiting Bodmin, it’s a friendly airfield in a pretty location. Reasonably short runway means you need to be sensible with weight but overall it’s definitely one to visit.

Paul Gandy

Very friendly welcome and all normal facilties on the airfield so it made a good base to fly into Even managed to get 3 days hangerage 2 runways so it was possible to cope with the strong wind on arrival without a problem easy to spot and pretty straightforward arrival and circuit procedures well worth a visit