Bodmin Airfield was the development of a dream by local business man Mike Robertson, to make aviation available to everyone. In pursuit of this dream, local engineers, The Dingle Brothers were commissioned to construct the airfield on what was once Treswithick Farm.

Our highly experienced instructor team has an infectious enthusiasm for flying and teaching. Between them they have amassed a remarkable level of instructing expertise and have become experts in everything from basic flight instruction to aerobatics.

Whether you would like to gain qualifications, develop your skills or simply enjoy a trial lesson or air experience flight over stunning Cornwall, you won’t find a friendlier or more professional flying club anywhere!

view from the tower at Bodmin Airfield

Please see the Pooleys Flight Guide for the full diagrams and guidance. Call before hand as we are PPR and we would like to discuss local procedures with pilots new to our airfield. Tel: 01208 821419

650ft AMSL

The airfield has two runways, 13/31 and 03/21. Runways 03 and 31 are left hand circuits, 21 and 13 are right hand.

Landing fees
Members are exempt, for non members a £10 landing fee is charged.

Circuit Height
800ft AGL

Air/Ground Radio