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ICAO: EGLA | Air-Ground Radio: 122.700

Food and Drink at the Diner 31

Fuel Bay cafe at Bodmin airfield for Pilots in Devon and Cornwall

Situated in the main building of Bodmin Airfield, Diner 31 is perfect for a light lunch, snack or coffee.

The airfield is an ideal venue as a meeting place for your car or bike club or just somewhere to pop into and watch the aeroplanes whilst having a drink and a delicious snack. All are welcome.Diner 31 is open five days a week. Currently closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Subject to change)

Carol and Steve Farnell have joined us as the new team behind the Cafe. They bring years of catering experience to our club, as well as providing much needed practical support for the club house.

Book and Contact

Telephone: 01208 821419



Gluten and Vegetarian options Available. Please ask when ordering.


All Day Breakfast: £6.50

Small Breakfast: £4.50

Breakfast Bap: £3.50

Bacon Sandwich: £2.50

Sausage Sandwich: £2.50

Egg Sandwich: £2.00

Veggie Sausage Sandwich: £2.50

Veggie Breakfast: £4.50

Toast: £1.00

Toasted Bagel: £1.00

All Day

Chips: £2.00

Cheesy Chips: £2.50

Chips and Gravy: £2.50

Chips and Curry Sauce: £2.50

Ham, Egg and Chips: £5.50

Sausage, Egg and Chips: £5.50

Burger and Chips: £4.80

Chicken Burger and Chips: £4.80

Veggie Burger and Chips: £4.80

Chicken New Yorker and Chips: £5.50

Chicken Curry with Rice/Chips or Jacket: £5.50

Beef Chilli with Rice/Chips or Jacket: £5.50

Jacket Potatoes

Beans: £4.20

Cheese: £4.20

Cheese and Beans: £4.50

Cheese and Bacon: £4.50

Tuna Mayo: £4.50

Prawns: £4.80

Soup  (With Roll and butter): £2.50

Childrens Menu

Breakfast: £3.50

Sausage Smiley Faces: £3.00

Burger and Chips: £3.00

Chicken Dippers and Chips: £3.00

Beans on Toast: £2.00

Egg on Toast: £2.00