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The Lundy Team bring you ‘Lundy Sunday’ an event that is well supported by our local flyers as well as pilots from around the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

It has been agreed after consultation with the Lundy management and owners of the island that our annual ‘Lundy Sunday’ Fly-in will go ahead on Sunday 2nd August as originally planned.

This is a one day event and although in the past some visitors have arrived the day before, this year it is discouraged because of putting too much strain on the resources which are governed by the present COVID19 precautionary rules.

The event is very much a PPR venue and once the visitor has done so verbally (see below) a written briefing will be sent to them which will include the island’s own COVID19 guidelines and measures.

PPR is essential from Pete White 01752 406660 or 07805 805679

2020 Poster

Photos of previous event:  2016

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