Flight Training at Bodmin Airfield

Flight training at Bodmin Airfield


The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) entitles the pilot to fly an aircraft in visual conditions and is the perfect licence for those wanting to fly as a serious hobby or for anyone looking to become a commercial pilot.


The Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence is ideal for people who want to fly for recreational purposes or are unable to satisfy the more stringent medical requirements for a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence.

G-Matt Robin landing at Bodmin Airfield


The National Private Pilot’s Licence has more restrictions than a full Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and available for microlights and other non-EASA aircraft. The licence requires fewer hours of practical training and less stringent medical checks. Holders of the NPPL are qualified to fly within UK airspace and now France.

Instrument Rating (Restricted)

The Instrument Rating (Restricted) is a national rating that can be added to a UK issued licence. Designed to enhance the privileges and instrument flying skills of a PPL holder that will enable a pilot to fly in conditions below the minimum requirements for a PPL holder.


Bodmin "Flight Foundation Course"

If you are considering a career in aviation, this short course offers a taste of life as an aviator, taking you to the point of your first solo flight. The experience will give you valuable insight into your aptitude for flying, and enhances your CV when applying to commence your formal career.