Microlight Training

Pilots of Mircolight flying over Bodmin Airfield in Cornwall
Microlight training available at Bodmin airfield

All microlight experiences start with a pre-flight briefing where you will be shown the ultra light aircraft, its main characteristics and have the basic principles of flight explained – all really interesting stuff even before you’ve taken to the air!

Then once securely strapped in, the instructor will handle the take off and climb. Having settled down in level flight your pilot will demonstrate a few gentle turns and you will then be given the opportunity to try for yourself.

You might not believe us now, but you’ll find it’s really quite easy (yet still totally thrilling!) to actually fly the aircraft yourself. Microlight aircraft are quite varied these days, with many clubs now flying fixed wing microlights that offer the comfort of a regular training aircraft, whilst others still offer flights in the flexible wing, ‘open cockpit’ style microlights.

Your micro light experience will last for 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes chock to chock, depending on the voucher chosen. For all experiences, you will also have a safety briefing. You might prefer to take your flight in warm weather, as in some microlights passengers are exposed to the elements, however insulated flying suits are provided.

Spectators are most welcome to go along to the airfield to watch the take off and landing in our customer viewing area.

The range of “microlight” aircraft is enormous so don’t be put off by the name… they are real aircraft!